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Reservation Policy

Deposits: A minimum deposit for lodging (50%) and conference space (100%) will be assessed at the time the event is booked. Food service requests and participant numbers should be provided in advance (2 weeks min.) and will incur an additional deposit equal to 50% of the estimated food cost. Final guaranteed food service number deadlines will be determined by the Chef. Based on the menu selected, once the deadline for the final count arrives, the Inn will try to accommodate additions to this final food count, if possible. Decreases are not possible. If outside services are requested (e.g., chairs, tents. catering, music, photographer, etc.), payment in full for these services will be required at the time of rental confirmation unless otherwise specified by the vendor providing such services.

Service Charges: A 20% gratuity will be assessed for all food & beverage services. The Inn reserves the right to assess a service charge of twenty percent (20%) against the charges of all outside vendors who bring products or service onto the Inn's property. The Inn will arrange or assist the event sponsor with such outside services. All outside vendors must be acceptable and approved by the Inn. NSF check charge will be a minimum of $30 or the bank assessed fee. All balances are due at the time of the event. For corporate billed accounts, failure to pay any amounts due to the Inn within fifteen (15) days of billing will incur an additional service charge at the rate of eighteen percent (18%) per annum annual percentage rate, at the discretion of the Owner. Customer will be responsible for reasonable attorney fees, court costs, and/or collection costs in the event of nonpayment or insufficient payment.

Delays in Service: Events should reasonably start and end at the appointed time. Should an event or meal service be delayed for greater than a half hour by the Host or their party, the Inn reserves the right to add a labor charge equivalent to $15 per hour for each staff member scheduled for the event (Chefs, servers, kitchen help, etc.).The Inn cannot be responsible for the quality of food which is delayed greater than thirty (30) minutes beyond the scheduled start time.

Cancellations: Cancellation of Whole Inn rentals must occur a minimum of six (6) weeks in advance of the scheduled event date, or two (2) weeks for Conference, Banquet or 5-Room Block Rentals. Failure to cancel in a timely manner will result in a cancellation fee equal to fifty percent (50%) of the rental rate for lodging or conference space. Cancellation of food service may result in a fee of fifty percent (50%) of the estimated food service charges. Host will also be responsible for 100% of any cancellation charges assessed by vendors for outside rentals and services plus a vendor service charge of twenty percent (20%) assessed by the Inn.

No Smoking Environment: The Inn is a non-smoking environment. For those that feel the urge to smoke, the front porch has a large receptacle and each of the guest room balconies and patios has a small container to properly dispose of wastes. Should smoking occur within The Inn, a charge will be assessed to the event sponsor or their designated responsible party for the appropriate restoration of the surroundings and any lost revenue from areas deemed to be non-rentable as a result of smoke contamination until such time as they can be properly cleaned and deodorized. The minimum charge will be seventy-five dollars per guest room.

Check-in / Check-out: The Inn has established a check-in time of 3 PM and a check-out of 11 AM. Those desiring a earlier check-in may inquire. You room may be available by 2:00 PM at no additional charge. An earlier check-in is subject to availability and incurs a $25 + tax additional fee. An guest desiring late check-out after 11 AM may request such in advance. It will be subject to the day's bookings and a fee of $25 + tax will be charged.

Pets: The Inn has a limited pet policy with restricted rooms as well as additional charges and liabilities for the guest. You may inquire in advance for consideration if you anticipate traveling with your pet. There is also a "Pet Resort" in the community for boarding.

Lost, Stolen or Damaged Items: The Inn will NOT be responsible for lost or stolen items. All charges relating to the repair of damage to the Inn or its contents, replacement of items beyond repair, or item stolen will be assessed to the event sponsor or their designated responsible party.

Refusal of Service: The Inn reserves the right to refuse service at its discretion. Should one or more individuals on premises prove to be a distraction or a threat to other guests, staff or the facility, the Inn reserves the right to have them removed from the premises. The Porter County Sheriff's Department may be contacted to assist as necessary. Any charges or payments due or deposits received for services provided or to be provided to such removed individuals will NOT be waived.      6-13

Pet Policy - Go to TOP of HOME PAGE and click on "PETS" tab to open PDF file with Pet Policy and form to be completed at check-in.