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Mystery at the Inn at Aberdeen

For the Inn's Mystery Dinners - see Bill's Supper Club tab

How To Plan Your Own Mystery - click pdf to print brochure here!


The 150 plus year old Inn at Aberdeen has a history which possibly includes the Underground Railroad in the 1860s and the natural deaths, sorry—no horrific murders, of a wife and two children.

A review by the Northern Indiana Ghost Trackers was positive.

Comments by some of our guests about a little girl on the steps, friendly, of course, or the original master bedroom fireplace coming on during the night— leads some to believe that we are haunted.

While I don't believe as such nor have I seen any evidence that I believe—the haunted Inn at Aberdeen depicted in Wanda Lou Willis' Haunted Hoosier Trails: A Guide to Indiana's Famous Folklore Spooky Sites makes a wonderful venue for mystery dinners, luncheons and overnight mysteries.

Most of our guests like to host their own mystery event. It is actually quite easy. Our chef will work with you on your menu and our actress and script writer will find a mystery that fits your group. You and your guests will receive their parts about a week in advance. Not to worry—no memorization required—simply read. And our actress will direct you through an effortless and fun experience that you and your guests will be talking about for years to come.

Click below to review or print your own "Mystery at The Inn at Aberdeen, Ltd. Brochure" . If you would like a sampling of one of our events complete with an itinerary, description of a mystery and menu—click either "Murder for Millions" or "Fourth Annual Chef of the Year Award".

If you want to learn more about the real mystery at the Inn—read the Northwest Indiana ghost Trackers report on the Inn's "little girl" also chronicled in Wanda Lou Willis' Haunted Hoosier Trails: A Guide to Indiana's Famous Folklore Spooky Sites.

Ghost Trackers Summary Report of their analysis of the Inn PDF here!

Murder for Millions Mystery - an example - one of many - PDF here!

Fourth Annual Chef of the Year Award Mystery - 2nd example here!