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  While I have never personally seen a ghost, a number of guests to the Inn and some staff members feel that they have encountered our little girl "Angel"*. Several ghost tracking groups with their various electronic devices have spent time at the Inn and felt that they had indeed encountered her as well as at least one other ghost. Guests have written notes in their room diaries about their experiences and others have commented or have been overheard talking.

   What follows are links to a book chapter and then several books and a CD prepared by PBS TV depicting our experience. In the PBS CD ad, the left picture is our little "Angel" on the grand staircase.

* Note: the name "Angel" is not historical, but when asked by the NW IN Ghost Trackers her name, recorded, although garbled, "Angel" was name that she said.

Haunted Hoosier Trails by Wanda Lou Willis -

Wanda Lou Willis gathered information on the Inn and our ghost from others without contacting the Inn and marks our first known publication. We were surprised when a guest mentioned that she had read about us in the book and I made a quick trip to Barnes & Nobles to get my own copy.

Some Things Go Bump in the Night -Deborah Leigh Davis -

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   Chapter 15 provides some significant detail on the research that Deborah has done to chronicle what she and others feel is the ghost history of our 1850s farm house.

   Chapter 15 is accessible below by clicking the pdf button.

Haunts & Legends: PBS documentary featured the Inn

   The PBS documentary has aired nationally and continues to air off and on, especially in the Fall near Halloween. Check your local listings and you have be able to enjoy.

Ghost Trackers summary report of their visit to the Inn

Several additional books & CDs:

Sleeping Where Ghosts Dwell by Gina Ferris (CD)  $14.95

South Bend Ghosts by Stephen Osborne